A message from Dr. Greenwald and the Vanishing Veins team

We hope you and your family are well during these difficult times.

It’s important to be proactive to maintain the best leg vein health and know what to look for.

You may experience heaviness, fatigue, or a toothache sensation in your leg(s). Tiredness or leg swelling may occur. You may notice bulging veins or even night cramps, restless legs, burning, eczema, or itching of your legs can be a sign of broken veins.

For some, blood clots could form, bleeding, permanent skin damage causing brown or red hard skin in your lower legs and even a painful open sore, usually in your lower leg, it may happen.

If you are experiencing any of this, your body is telling you trouble is brewing. Don’t wait for your leg(s) to get worse. The longer you put it off the harder it is to correct. Some of the damage may be permanent and irreversible. So why bother? Because no matter how bad it gets, it will get even worse if you don’t take action.

The key to treating vein disease is to STOP the progression. Having knowledge and awareness is your best defense. SO if you have noticed symptoms in your ankles, lower legs, or an open sore at the ankle, I encourage you to call and make an appointment to be evaluated.

When it comes to taking care of yourself, you want experience, expertise, education and empathy, Dr. Greenwald’s four E’s, especially with vein disease. That is why you need a vein specialist who has the years of experience and expertise necessary.

Vanishing Veins, was one of the first in the tristate area. When the new techniques emerged and received FDA approval in 1999, Dr. Greenwald was one of the first on the east coast to perform these new procedures. She opened Vanishing Veins in 2003, with a vision to deliver the best state of the art vein care in a spa like atmosphere. Opening this center enabled her to concentrate solely on vein disease and give patients her full attention. That was seventeen years ago, and now her model has been copied nationally. She was among the first in the nation to get certification in Phlebology, at the time a new specialty in the treatment of vein disease.

So, if you ‘ve noticed symptoms, please give us a call. You don’t have to live with tired heavy or ugly legs.

Give us a call at 860-761-6666 to schedule your consultation.

Summertime is actually the best time to get evaluated, insurance companies have their rules on how long you have to wait till you can get treated. So, start the clock in the summer and when the weather gets cooler you will be ready to get your vein treatments.

Please feel free to share this post with a friend, coworker, neighbor, or family member to get their vein issues looked at.

All the best,

Dr. Greenwald and the Vanishing Veins Team

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A message from Dr. Greenwald and the Vanishing Veins team
We can schedule your consultation.

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