What We Do isn’t Just About Medicine – It’s About People

Our focus extends beyond medicine; it’s about empowering people to regain confidence by addressing visible veins that often make them feel self-conscious. These veins, caused by a combination of factors, can negatively impact self-esteem. Through advanced medical treatments, we aim to correct and reduce the appearance of these veins, providing individuals with renewed self-assurance and pride in their appearance. Our dedicated team works to target the root causes of vein issues, ensuring long-lasting results and helping individuals face the world with confidence once more.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Amy K., West Hartford, CT

I’ve been coming to Vanishing Veins for the past year to see Dr. Greenwald for my Spider veins. The staff are so thorough with their procedures that I feel very safe. Dr. Greenwald is just so nice and considerate of her patients feelings. She’s very patient and always makes you feel very important. I’ve been to other Doctors before and have felt very “glanced over” or not taken seriously. I tend to be very soft spoken but Dr. Greenwald listens to everything I say. Her staff is an extension of her. They’re all super smart hardworking women. I appreciate them all. You’re in great hands here!

Stacey E., Hartford, CT

Dr. Greenwald and the staff at Vanishing Veins are incredible. They listen to your concerns, create and review a treatment plan, and explain every step. Their customer service/patient care is top of the line – I’d never go anywhere else!

Donna P., Hartford, CT

I have seen several other doctors about my vein problems over the years with very little success. Dr. Lori is the only doctor to make a real difference in the appearance and pain of my legs. She is the best! And her whole team of professionals have been amazing in the quality of care provided.

Alice N., Bloomfield, CT

Dr. Greenwald is always personable and inspires confidence. She listened carefully to the results that I wanted and made suggestions as to which procedures would insure those results while staying within my budget.

Susan D., West Hartford, CT

I’ve only had a few visits so far and I’m so impressed with the experience they have and the way you are treated they’re the best. I was leery of having vein work done but once I met her employees and doctor Lori Greenwald I was so impressed with her. She was a vein surgeon and decided to do this instead so I feel very safe in her hands. I have to wait a few more weeks before I can have anything done because of my insurance so I am so looking forward to having this problem fixed and I know it will be the best.

Sara M., Hartford, CT

Dr Lori Greenwald did a great job with my legs. Most of my pain has disappeared within a week of the procedure. Very professional and I felt very comfortable in the office during this pandemic. Their pandemic procedures are top notch. Highly recommend them!

Ann M., Bloomfield, CT

Dr. Greenwald has performed several procedures on my legs And I’ve been very happy with the progress on them! Dr. G and her staff have always taken the time to explain the steps they are taking and what I can expect, and most importantly, address my concerns professionally and with compassion. There’s more work to be done, but I have complete confidence in Dr. Greenwald and her team to bring my legs to a point where wearing clothes that show my legs can be an option for me!!

Lisa G., West Hartford, CT

The staff is very friendly and professional. The manager is very pleasant and was so helpful in every aspect of my appointment. MD Greenwald was very nice and professional. She did an excellent job on my cosmetic procedures and I can already see a dramatic effect and the positive results. I highly recommend her!!!!!!

Alison B., Hartford, CT

Everyone was so nice and patient. They made me feel very comfortable. The whole vein procedure did not take very long. All I felt was some slight pinches when inserting the numbing medication. The pinches only lasted a couple seconds. I had no pain during the procedure or after the procedure. I highly recommend Vanishing Veins to everyone who needs a procedure.

Sharon N., Hartford, CT

Dr Greenwald explains everything & makes you feel comfortable. The staff is very friendly & helpful!

Paulette W., Windsor, CT

Dr. Greenwald’s office staff is organized, caring, and customer service oriented. A very relaxed atmosphere. I finally decided to do something about my painful varicose veins, and I am so glad I chose Dr. Greenwald. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate, honest, and her expertise is outstanding! The outcomes are truly amazing! I’m looking forward to having my other leg done. If you want quality care with great outcomes, I highly recommend Dr. Lori Greenwald.

Mary Lou P., Hartford, CT

Immediately connected with Dr. Greenwald who is personable as well as competent. The office is relaxing and the staff helpful and pleasant. I believe Dr. Greenwald truly does care about her patients; we are not simply there for a procedure but also to improve our health and well-being. I am not finished with my vein procedure but already have less swelling and am eager to see continued improvement.

Patt W., Hartford, CT

Dr.lori saved me from losing my lower right leg with her assessment & treatment. She & her staff continue to keep me walking & comfortable. Through leg issues their combined efforts continue to give me quality of life. There is no finer outcome for a 75 year old.

MJ R., Bloomfield, CT

This is my second time coming here for a procedure. Staff is very nice and explanations seem thorough. This was a consult appointment. Back next week for an ultrasound appointment. I returned because I found the office doctor and staff to be friendly and yet professional with great attention towards cleanliness and sterility (depending on necessary protocol).

Jocelyn L., Windsor, CT

Dr. Greenwald is excellent, and she and her staff are kind and professional. I had a great experience with my vein procedure, and am pleased with my results. I would highly recommend Vanishing Veins and Dr. Greenwald.

Sondra C., Bloomfield, CT

I’ve been doing schlerotherapy for 20+ years at multiple places. Vanishing veins does a great job. The doctor is fabulous. I appreciate how focused she is on making sure that all my spider veins are treated.

Steve L., Bloomfield, CT

Dr. Greenwald’s attention to detail is beyond what I could have expected. I was nervous about going in for the procedures, but Lori’s sense of humor and professionalism made going to see her (6 procedures) a pleasure. The end result is legs that I feel so good about wearing shorts and look forward to the good weather. I cannot recommend Lori and her team enough.

Rebecca B., West Hartford, CT

I’ve been going to Dr. Greenwald for 3 years for my vascular issues. She does amazing work, I wouldn’t trust anyone else! I feel better and my legs look great!