About Vanishing Veins

Vanishing Veins is committed to the care and treatment of venous disease. It is one of the only medical facilities in Connecticut run by a board certified vascular surgeon who spends the majority of her time treating these conditions. Thus, it provides you with the best treatments for spider veins and varicose veins. Dr. Greenwald has spent her career in the treatment of diseases of the blood vessels, thereby uniquely qualifying her for this field. Her expertise was recognized by Money Magazine when they chose her as one of the top vascular surgeons in the United States and by the Consumer’s Research Council of America when they chose her as one of America’s Top Surgeons for Vascular Surgery. Not only is her competence unsurpassed but she also brings the sympathetic understanding of a woman to the care of her patients.

Vanishing Veins’s commitment to meticulous care of venous disease means that we have on site two full time procedure rooms, a surgical tech, laser equipment and an ICAVL (Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories) accredited vascular laboratory with a full time registered vascular ultrasonographer. The availability of such equipment and personnel means that the professionals who treat you are extremely experienced in the treatment of your problem. It also means that we are constantly evaluating and being asked to evaluate new technologies. As an example we were one of the first facilities in the United States to evaluate and make available the revolutionary technology of VenaSeal – an exciting new development in the treatment of venous disease. Unlike other facilities that only dabble in the treatment of venous disease, our focus on these illnesses ensures that we can assess your problem with the detail that it deserves and treat it with the full array of modern therapies. This way we can design a treatment plan that is both exact and specific for you.

At Vanishing Veins we understand that you deserve a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere in which to receive the state of the art medical treatments that we provide. We have made our facility more like a spa than a medical office. From the moment you enter your senses are lulled by beautiful music and the sound of a waterfall. You can pamper yourself with designer coffees and teas and other treats. The staff has been chosen for their attention to patient care and comfort. At Vanishing Veins we understand that you are busy and respect your time completely. We invite you to visit our laser and skin care center, Vivesse.

Our location in Bloomfield, Connecticut was carefully chosen so that our facility is conveniently located to virtually all of Connecticut. We are within a few minutes’ drive of anywhere in the bordering towns of Avon, Simsbury, West Hartford, Granby, Windsor and Hartford and within easy proximity to the surrounding locales. We are also within a few minutes’ drive of those areas often referred to as “east of the river”. Routes 91, 384, 84 and 9 are each just a short distance away, meaning that almost all areas of Connecticut and Southern Massachusetts are within easy driving distance of our offices. With Vanishing Veins so easy to reach there’s no need to take a long car ride to achieve the beautiful legs that you deserve.