Can Kim Kardashian Get Rid of Your Spider Veins?

The internet is abuzz with Kim Kardashian’s new “treatment” of spider veins.  At the end of June, the uber-celebrity released her new Body Foundation.  Kim claims that it covers up areas of your body that are just plain ugly.  In one video she uses it on spider veins on her legs.

Is this what you should be doing about your spider veins?

It won’t surprise you that here at Vanishing Veins we don’t think so.

If you want to get rid of that hideous clusters of veins on your legs, the real answer is sclerotherapy.  With sclerotherapy, we pass a very small needle into your cluster of spider veins.  Then we inject a caustic liquid into the veins.  This liquid injures the walls of the spider veins. They collapse and disappear.  It’s like magic when you have a sclerotherapy session.  You actually see your veins disappear right in front of your eyes.

So, what’s wrong with Kim’s Body Foundation?  Why shouldn’t you use that instead of fussing with all these needles?

First off, Kim isn’t really taking away your spider veins.  All you’re doing with this method is covering them up. Let’s break it down. From a financial perspective, a tube costs $45. You’ll have to use the coverup several times a day.  You may have several clusters of spiders.  Let’s say that a tube lasts two weeks.  That’s $1,170 a year to cover up your spider veins. Plus the cost of the makeup remover. You can buy at Vanishing Veins a series of four sclerotherapy sessions for about the same price.  And the spider veins will be gone for years, instead of shelling out a thousand bucks year-in and year-out.

Second, it’s makeup. It rubs up against your clothes – your skirt, your dress, your coat, your pantyhose.  It transfers to your clothes.  You have to clean all that.  And we all know how expensive dry-cleaning bills are.

Third, when you’re with your loved one and take off the foundation your spider veins will be there in all their glory.  Is that really when you want to look your worst?

So, take care of those veins for good.  We are here to help.  And now, with our convenient weekend hours, it couldn’t be easier to schedule your appointment. Call us at (860) 761-6666.

– Dr. Greenwald

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Can Kim Kardashian Get Rid of Your Spider Veins?
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