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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

“I have been coming to Dr Greenwold for years. She and her staff have always taken great care of me. She has fixed the many vein issues I’ve had over the years mostly after childbirth. My legs look and feel much better. There is no one else I would ever trust with my legs.” – B.S., Bristol, CT

“I would like to thank Dr Lori Greenwald and her staff for the excellent work they have performed on the varicose veins for both my legs. One only has to look at before and after pictures to see the fantastic visible results. Aside from the fact that both legs have dramatic improvements visually, more important are the physical effects which I have achieved. The swelling in my left leg is gone.The feeling of heaviness and diminished sense of feel (wooden/tired feeling) is also gone. I give Dr. Greenwald top marks for the work that she has done. I highly recommend her skill, talent, and expertise to anyone considering having varicose vein corrective work done.” – M.S. , Danielson, CT

“I’m very pleased with the care at Vanishing Veins. Everyone was So kind and considerate. Thank you for your professionalism it’s a Pleasure being treated at your office. Thank you Penny” – P.T., Avon, CT

“The entire staff is very accommodating and knowledgeable. Dr. Greenwald showed absolute precision and I felt very secure. I would recommend her without reservation.” – D.S., Deep River, CT.

“I have seen several other doctors about my vein problems over the years with very little success. Dr. Lori is the only doctor to make a real difference in the appearance and pain of my legs. She is the best! And her whole team of professionals have been amazing in the quality of care provided.”- D.P., Prospect, CT

“I had my veins done recently. The facility was very clean, bright, and welcoming. All of the staff are very pleasant and helpful. Dr. Greenwood was excellent. She always put me at ease and clearly answered each of my questions. I was impressed with the care I received there and I would recommend Vanishing Veins to anyone who is seeking treatment for Varicose Veins.” – J.C., Stratford, CT.

“I can’t say enough about Vanishing Veins the treatments and me actions of the help are just wonderful. Everyone tries their very best to make you comfortable and to do the best job they can with laughter and lavender if you like lavender otherwise you can have some sent. I’ve been going there now for weeks having both my legs done and each time I have the same experience they are just the nicest people you can deal with and make you comfortable in every way they can. Dr Greenwald is top-notch you have the very best when you have her working on you her experience from her past life brings the best care you can ask for I would recommend them to everyone I know. You won’t be disappointed and it’s almost painless” – S.D., Enfield, CT

“I started coming to Vanishing Veins about 6 years ago. Initially, I came for cosmetic reasons but returned to Dr. Greenwald last month because of her skill as a vascular surgeon. She is highly skilled, and frankly the only person I trusted to fix the pain in my legs. I highly recommend this practice for any vein issues you’re having, cosmetic or medical. Her staff is friendly and helpful, and her nurse Lindsay in particular was kind. A true asset to her team! Anyone who remains calm and friendly while squeezing this chubby woman into compression stockings gets my seal of approval :)” E.P., Woodstock, CT

“Everyone was so nice and patient. They made me feel very comfortable. The whole procedure did not take very long. All I felt was some slit pinches when inserting the numbing medication. The pinches only lasted a couple seconds. I had no pain during the procedure or after procedure I highly recommend Vanishing Veins to everyone who needs a procedure.” -A.B., Manchester, CT

“100% Satisfied Customer!! Staff , office manager & MD all 2nd to None . Office & staff are inviting and adhere to present Covid guidelines. Can’t wait for continued service with these professionals. They go above & beyond for their patients& clients.” – P.Q., Hartford, CT

“Caring, attentive, comforting. Keeping expertise, professionalism and kindness first.” – C.G., Tolland, CT

“In my early twenties, I was blessed with both varicose and spider veins. Not only did the varicose veins make my legs feel heavy – I was so embarrassed by the sight of them that I had not worn shorts in over 20 years. After sweating through yet another summer in long pans, I finally mustered up the courage to contact Vanishing Veins for a consultation. Turns out, courage was not needed as Dr.G. and her amazing staff explained every step and performed every procedure beautifully. There was no pain, no worrying, no second-guessing. I received one Radiofrequency Ablation, one VenaSeal treatment, and several rounds of Sclerotherapy. I had what I like to call the “Cadillac Edition” of vein treatments. The worst part, truly, were just having to wear compression stockings for two weeks as those suckers are not fun. My one remaining wish is a tan on my legs, but I guess I’ll have to work up to that one on my own. Thanks, Dr. G., I wish I’d done it sooner” – S.V. , West Hartford

“Staff is very professional and personable.” C.D., Andover, CT

“Dr. Greenwald has performed several procedures on my legs And I’ve been very happy with the progress on them! Dr. G and her staff have always taken the time to explain the steps they are taking and what I can expect, and most importantly, address my concerns professionally and with compassion. There’s more work to be done, but I have complete confidence in Dr. Greenwald and her team to bring my legs to a point where wearing clothes that show my legs can be an option for me!! ”  – A.M., Thomaston, CT

“I don’t know of any other providers I’d be comfortable with quite frankly. No one has Dr. Greenwald’s sensibility/disposition, office environment and breadth of expertise. She’s a top surgeon in the US, pretty hard to top. Please don’t go anywhere anytime soon!” – H.C., Rocky Hill, CT

“Dear Dr. Greenwald,

I want to thank you so much for giving me extraordinary care for treating my spider veins.I know it was a difficult case, so I very much appreciate your time, generosity and patience. I enjoyed getting to know you. You are a remarkable person. Your family sounds like it’s a delight (most of the time). So again thank you for everything. You have a great staff that made me feeling comfortable from our first meeting. Be blessed.” – J., Rocky Hill, CT

“Dear Dr. Greenwald,

I wanted to thank you for spending the extra time with me. The other day and repeating my ultrasound. I have since spoken with Dr. Joyce and he has agreed to repeat my MRI in a couple of weeks and hopefully get to the bottom of this annoying pain. As a side note, I wanted to tell you, you looked great and although seemed to be very busy, appeared to be relaxed and happy. Your office seems like a great place to work and with a lot of positive energy. Good luck in the future, I’ll let you know if we ever find a diagnosis for my leg.” – A VV Patient, Newington, CT


Thank you again for taking such great care of Dick. I couldn’t have asked for more. Your patience and willingness to help are just awesome. So far, so good. His leg looks fantastic. Enjoy the rest of the holidays and see you in January.” – T., Glastonbury, CT


“Dear Greenwald and Eve,

I would like to thank you both and staff at your office for everything you did and gave to me. Even though I didn’t win the contest you were still nice enough to do work on my right leg. Which I am forever thankful. On the other hand, I can’t afford to with the out of the pocket experience for the work required on my left leg. You have all been “AWESOME” and will always be in my thoughts for what you have given me. I see the results on my right leg and know what you do works, I just can’t afford to move forward if there is an opportunity for me to do the left leg, Please know. I will be back. Thank you again for all you gave to me. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Sincerely and always in my thoughts” – J., Windsor Locks, CT

“Dear Dr. Greenwald:

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time maturely to speak to me. Trust to reassure me as well. You are so kind and caring and was so generous with your time with sincere gratitude and my warmest thanks.” – L., West Hartford, CT