Insurance 101: Will My Health Insurance Cover My Varicose Veins?

Listen, we get it! We know how confusing it can be navigating your way through the ever-changing health care industry.

We understand and that’s why we are here for you! At Dr. Lori Greenwald’s Vanishing Veins, we know insurance better than anyone out there and will help you figure out your benefits, what type of coverage you have and how much you will be required to pay out of pocket.

We also know that knowledge is power and that’s why, during the next several weeks, we will be sharing with you information you need to know regarding your insurance coverage and how to get the best possible treatment for your painful varicose veins.

Vanishing Veins’ practice manager Alethea Maddox has been in the health care industry for more than 20 years and knows just how much the insurance industry has changed. In her blog, Insurance 101, she will answer the most commonly asked questions regarding insurance coverage, what to expect when visiting any specialists and how long the approval process can take in general.

Part One:

What’s The Number One Question People Ask:  “Am I covered?”

By Alethea Maddox, Practice Manager, Vanishing Veins

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Insurance 101: Will My Health Insurance Cover My Varicose Veins?
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