Transitions By Doctor Lori Greenwald

Empowering change because sometimes, change is good!

Perhaps, you are entering the workforce for the first time in years, getting married again, or getting back into the dating scene. Don’t sweat it. Whatever your transition is remember this; change is exciting!

And that is what transitions is all about. Taking change head-on and making it work for you!

When we announced our latest medical make-over, Transitions, we were floored by the number of amazing women who came forward to tell us their inspirational story.

We have heard from women re-inventing themselves after losing a job, single moms who haven’t had time to date until now and are ready to get their groove back. We have also heard from cancer survivors, widows finding a second chance at love, mothers of-the-brides and grooms. We also heard from a former police officer and correction officer looking to transition into a a new life out of public service. We even spoke to one women who wants to reconnect with her high school sweetheart in Paris and wants to look her best. And get this, she hasn’t’t seen him since she was 16!

We love your stories and so many of you moved us to tears. Your strength continues to inspires us!

That’s why, this is the really hard part, deciding who moves on to round two. We want you you to know, it’s never an easy decision but we have picked our top three applicants.

That’s right, we have narrowed it down to three.

We will be calling these lucky three people this week and to book next interview where the top three will meet with Dr. Lori Greenwald and other staff members.
Among the many free medical and cosmetic services Dr. Lori can provide to the right applicant at no charge are:

• Elimination of unsightly varicose and spider veins
• Removal of wrinkles with Botox and other injectables
• Tightening of the skin to decrease sagging
• Body contouring and fat elimination
• Skin rejuvenation
• Advanced laser treatments
• Laser hair removal
• And more

Dr Lori Greenwald, a renowned surgeon, will be your partner along the way. Transitions is inspired by her own personal journey, the wedding of her beloved daughter. To learn more about her journey visit www.transitionswithdrlori.com.

Dr. Lori Greenwald has been one of the Northeast’s top vascular surgeons for more than 15 years. She’s helped over 10,000 women rid themselves of pain and restore their self-esteem. Money Magazine, the Consumer’s Research Council of America, The Hartford Advocate, The Better Business Bureau, and many other organizations have recognized Dr. Greenwald’s expertise and the outstanding results she’s achieved with patients. In a spa-like atmosphere our staff provides skin treatments, hair removal, fat reduction, and other services that can greatly enhance how you look and feel.

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Transitions By Doctor Lori Greenwald
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