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Dr. Lori Greenwald’s of Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa is giving away a medical make-over worth up to $40,000!

The top two Transition applicants are a 57-year-old cancer survivor and future mother-of-the-bride and a 62-year old human resource manager who lost her job during the recession and is now ready to launch her own business and YouTube channel.
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January 12, 2017

Bloomfield, CT: Out of more than one hundred applicants, it’s now down to just two.

“Both of these women represent so many women across the board,” said Dr. Lori Greenwald of Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa. “Both are incredibly strong, poetic and inspirational. It’s going to be very hard to pick just one!”

The top two women are vying for a medical make-over worth up to $40,000!

Judi Kirkpatrick has a lot of titles under her belt: Mom, Mayor, Cancer Survivor and now Mother-of-the-Bride. The 57-year-old woman survived a rare form of cancer. Doctors used arsenic as chemotherapy to save her life but ultimately, it prematurely aged her. Her transition, she wants to look and feel her best for her daughter’s wedding and wipe the remnants of cancer from her reflection. Be sure to grab a box of tissues because her story is a real tearjerker.

“Her story really moved me,” said Dr. Greenwald, who is the visionary behind Transitions after experiencing her own Transition. “This is really about middle-aged women whose transitions can mean many things including taking change head-on and going in a new direction. For Judi, she finds new hope and meaning in every day.”

“I have learned to never take tomorrow for granted,” said Kirkpatrick who worked as a mayor in a small Texas town before being relocated with her husband to Connecticut. “I was always working and I know now that’s not what really matters. I want to inspire other women to focus on improving themselves and always finding time for the people they love.”

The other top contender has a different transition that will resonate with many people who found themselves out of work after the recession.

Cynthia Washburn, a former human resource manager, was unable to find work in her profession after looking for nearly ten years. While many would just give up, Cynthia is looking to completely reinvent her self at 62 years old. In just a few months, Cynthia is launching her own business and will pitch her own products on YouTube.

“And I want to bring that passion forward. I want that to radiate,” Cynthia Washburn said while fighting back the tears. “And I want to say, what Dr. Greenwald is doing, whether it’s me or someone else, is great. She is bringing back someone’s self-esteem and bringing them back to themselves.”

“Cynthia is poetic and inspiration,” said Dr. Greenwald. “It takes guts to reinvent yourself at 62 years old. You can’t help but to cheer her on!

One woman will be chosen to be the spokesperson for Transitions by February first. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest news and developments.

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Transitions Top Two
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