Will Health Insurance Cover my Varicose Veins?

As you know, insurance companies have changed significantly over the years and that it why it is very important that you get all the information from your insurance company so you can fully understand your coverage. The basic question is, we will accept your insurance but will they accept us? That’s the number one question you need to ask your insurance company when you visit any specialist. Your policy is mostly likely very specific when it comes to seeing specialists and how much you will pay for your treatment.

There are two very specific questions that you want to ask your insurance company in order to ensure coverage of your treatments.

  • Benefits – what type of coverage does your insurance policy have for varicose veins?
  • What is your current deductible?
  1. How much of that has already been met?
  2. How much will you be required to pay out of pocket?

Also, we want you to understand what “medical necessity” means in the insurance company’s eyes. Many times insurance companies will say “yes, Mrs. Smith, you are covered for varicose veins as long as it is medically necessary.”

Now, here’s the tricky part.

Even though you may be in pain, your insurance company may say that’s not enough. You, the patient, feel it’s medically necessary to have certain procedures done. However, due to the fact that the insurance company has specific criteria to meet, they may deem it NOT medically necessary and not cover your visit, leaving you with a bill.

This is exactly why we want you to contact your insurance company to confirm your benefits and coverage before your first office visit. Feel free to speak to any of our staff if you need further assistance. We know insurance better than anyone else out there and will be happy to help you through a roadblock or call the insurance company on your behalf.

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Will Health Insurance Cover my Varicose Veins?
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